Mink Hollow Media is organized like a collective. Staff are added according the nature of the particular project. We have strong links to the University of Calgary ( Digital Media Lab and Sport Technology Laboratory.) and The Alberta College of Art and Design. We have less formal connections to many other groups, including The Banff Centre and numerous universities across Canada.

More or Less Regular Staff

jim Jim
Director, Designer, Science Expert

Also: sound guy, sometimes musician and always a programmer. Has a Ph.D. in Informatics from the State University of Gent, Belgium, and author of three books including Start Your Engines: Developing Driving and Racing Games and The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games. Professor in Computer Science for 30 years; has also produced virtual theater; taught programming for artists; and been involved in various artistic productions.

Director, Designer, Educational Expert

Instructional designer, game design, multimedia programmer. Holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology specializing in Game Design and Analysis from the University of Calgary. Has taught CS, Technical Writing, Education, General Science and Math; has been designing and developing courses and various forms of instruction, both online and off for 30 years. The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games, 2011, Wiley Publishing, Inc. (On-Line Book Resources Site) Katrin’s Blog

67452_458643741128_549481128_5894930_7020692_n Bailey
Sound Designer
music composition, vocals, and voice overs.
Sound Design, System Administrator, QA.
graphic art, voice overs, music, tech support.

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