Gamification: How to Gamify Your Classroom

Presentation Type: 1/2 or full day workshop
Group Size: up to 25
Audience: Educators, Designers, Administrators
Presenter(s): Katrin Becker


Wondering what this ‘Gamification’ thing is all about? Is it something you could apply in your ID work? This tutorial will explain what gamification is, and isn’t, and how one might integrate some of the best aspects of gamification into the design of learning. The presenter will outline a design that has been used both f2f and online and suggest ways these ideas could be implemented in almost any course or training session.


Participants will come away from this tutorial with:

  • An overview of what gamification is and isn’t
  • Several ways gamification can be applied to an existing course design

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Examine and play with a grading scheme that facilitates a gamified approach to the completion of learning tasks

Intended audience

Teachers, Administrators, Academics, Tech Support (pretty much anyone involved in use of, maintenance of, decisions surrounding the use of technology in formal education).

Experience level and prerequisites

It is assumed that participants have either taught or designed courses in a relatively formal setting, i.e. formal education (K-12, post-secondary), or professional training or performance improvement where performance objectives are measured for some certification or credential.

It is assumed that participants will have some familiarity with the use of spreadsheets and the use of shared documents such as Google Docs.