Practical Gamification

gamification-10Gamification is a trending concept both in higher ed. and in the corporate sector, but many implementations simply game veneers without incorporating the key aspects of what makes a game compelling. Designing good gamification is about more than adding a narrative, or points, badges, & leaderboards.  Good gamification creates a paradigm shift. It’s about making fundamental changes to the way work is assigned and assessed, which in turn creates a fundamental shift in the way learners engage with your content.

Our award-winning gamification designs are based on sound pedagogy that comes from decades of experience. We’ve been doing gamification of learning since long before it was called gamification. The keys to practical gamification are the Four C’s:

  1. Compound Learning Paths to increase intrinsic motivation be providing choice.
  2. Customization to allow adult learners to learn at the pace they need to ensure the learning objectives are met.
  3. Competency Driven to make sure that the learning adheres to rigorous standards.
  4. Cumulative Scoring to recognize genuine achievement while reducing learner stress and and fostering engagement and innovation.

We have developed gamified courses in various fields and can help you develop anything from academic courses, through onboarding, talent development, compliance training, and more.