Winner of

the 2014 CNIE Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology in Instructional Design/Teaching and Learning


the 2013 IAP-DDL-AECT Crystal Award for innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses and distance learning projects.


Our award winning team can design from scratch or help you assess and transform your existing learning. We have designed, developed, and delivered lessons, courses, and entire programs. We can create self-directed and e-learning applications using 21-st Century, inquiry-based, as well as more traditional approaches. We have created award-winning educational media and done educational assessments and professional development. We create authentic, effective resources for all age and skill groups. We can do formal analysis of educational objects and other learning solutions.

gamification-10Gamification of Learning

Gamification is a trending concept both in higher ed. and in the corporate sector. Many implementations primarily involve the addition of game veneers (points, badges, leaderboards, narratives) without incorporating the key aspects of what makes a game compelling. Incorporating core properties of good games involves making changes to the way assignments are submitted and scored, which in turn creates a fundamental shift in the way students are assessed, and in the way they engage with the course material.

4pegEducational Analysis and Review

We analyse and review the educational efficacy of your learning application, whether it is a game, simulation, or something else. Contact us for more information.


mhm-idInstructional Design

We can create courses and other training on our own or as part of your team. Our combined experience totals over 60 years of teaching large and small groups at all levels of Higher Ed. Our chief instructional designer holds a PhD in Educational Technology (specializing in instructional design), a Graduate Certificate in Serious Games Design and Research, and is a member of the Canadian Association of Instructional Designers.

Entire Courses or Units

candlingCandling Tutorial An award-winning self-directed website that shows how to candle eggs. All Ages.
cpsc235Inquiry-Based Introduction to Programming University Level Course. All student work in this course was tied to a single course-wide grading rubric. All assignments were categorized according to which criteria they would meet and then students were allowed to choose from over 100 assignments to fulfill the end criteria.

Individual Examples and Demos

Powerpoint Slides for Animated Examples


mi-numbersystemsA Multiple Intelligences Approach to Number Systems
An example of a particular data compression algorithm (LZW) designed in 2 ways:

  1. as two sets of many slides that are paged through rapidly to effect animation SET 1 SET 2
  2. as one set of only 2 slides where each slide contains many animated parts.


flow-of-controlA description of various mechanisms for controlling the flow of operations in a computer program.