Here at Mink Hollow we design interesting and compelling educational experiences, serious games, and gamification for any circumstance.

Our job is to educate and convince, and we have decades of experience at both.


What is an educational experience? It is an event, sometimes computer based, sometimes a real event, designed to engage people while teaching them. Educational games, videos, animations, and museum exhibits can all be educational experiences.

What is a serious game? It is a game designed for purposes other than, or in addition to pure entertainment. This includes games fro learning, health, and change as well as ecergames, advergames, and a host of others.

What is gamification? It is the use of game elements and game design concepts in a non-game context. We specialize in practical gamification that can help to motivate your learners to achieve your learning objectives and give them meaningful choices while still maintaining a high level of rigor.